Ludo Hero

About Ludo Hero

Ludo Hero is an online board game based on the card game Ludo, also known as Parcheesi. This game allows you to play against other players around the world or against the computer.
Instructions for playing Ludo Hero:
- Start the game: Each player will have a group of pieces of the same color. You and your opponents will place your pieces at the starting point corresponding to your color on the board. To move your pieces, you will throw the dice by pressing the button or dragging the dice . A number from 1 to 6 will appear after you throw the dice.
- Moving a chess piece: You will choose a chess piece from the starting point and move it to an empty cell or a cell containing an opponent's chess piece according to the number of points on the dice. You can move the pieces clockwise around the board. On the board, there are some special cells such as safe cells and challenge cells. Safe squares can only be passed by pieces of your same color. Challenge boxes can create situations that change the rules or benefit the player.
- Your goal is to move all the pieces from the starting point to the ending squares corresponding to your color. You need to move your pieces around the board and pass your opponent's pieces to achieve this.
- Winner: The player who brings all his pieces to the end square first will be the winner.

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