Solitaire Classic

About Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic is a popular card game that is played by oneself. The goal of the game is to move all the cards from the tableau to the foundation piles, which must be built up in suit from Ace to King.
The game begins with a tableau of cards laid out in seven columns. The first column has one card face up, the second column has two cards with the top card face up and the rest face down, and so on. The remaining cards are placed in the stock pile.
The player can move cards between the tableau columns according to specific rules. Cards can be moved to the foundation piles if they are in sequence and of the same suit. For example, a 2 of hearts can be placed on top of an Ace of hearts. The player can also move cards between tableau columns in descending order and alternating colors. For example, a red 7 can be placed on top of a black 8.
If a column in the tableau is emptied, the player can move a King (with any other cards that may be on top of it) to that empty spot. The player can also draw cards from the stock pile to add to the tableau or to use in building the foundation piles.
The game is won when all cards are successfully moved to the foundation piles, following the specific rules and sequences. However, if there are no more possible moves and the stock pile is empty, the game is considered lost.

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