Fairyland Merge And Magic

About Fairyland Merge And Magic

Once upon a merge invites you to a captivating merge island, brimming with extraordinary pieces and a touch of true merge magic. Unlike traditional fairytales, this merge game offers a unique collection of merge fables that will enchant you. Immerse yourself in a world where dragons, unicorns, leprechauns, and other fantastic beings come to life through the power of merging.

In this merge world, you have the freedom to create your own rules. Merge dragons and other fascinating creatures, building your very own dragon farm. Unleash your imagination and watch as these mythical beings come together in delightful combinations.

Challenge yourself with fantastic merge puzzle quests that will put your merging skills to the test. Complete these quests and collect valuable rewards as you progress through the game. Experience the joy of merging various elements and witnessing the magical transformations that unfold before your eyes.
So, get ready to embark on a whimsical journey, merge extraordinary creatures, and uncover the secrets of the merge island. Let the merge magic begin!


- Drag the left mouse button to merge/move the oobjec.
- Use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out.

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