Monkey Mart

About Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a game in the store management simulation game genre. In this game, players will take on the role of a store owner and must manage store activities such as selecting and delivering products, serving customers, upgrading stores, and optimizing profit in a virtual environment.
Initially, your store will have a small area with some shelves and a basic cashier. Your task is to develop the store and upgrade different areas. Customers will appear in the store and ask to make purchases. Click on the customer to view their purchase request. Based on the customer's request, select the corresponding product from the shelf by clicking on them. Once you've made your selection, the product will automatically be placed in your shopping cart. Use the money you earn to upgrade your store. You can expand shelves, buy more products, improve equipment and customize the store to your liking.
To maintain inventory, you need to place orders from suppliers. Monitor current inventory and place orders when necessary. To increase revenue, create special offers, promotions and events to attract customers. Advertise your store and create good relationships with customers. With increased sales and profits, you can expand your store, open more entertainment areas and grow into a larger convenience store .


- Move your monkey around the supermarket and interact with different objects.
- To select a product from the shelf: Tap or click on the product you want to select.
- Move - WASD or arrow keys.

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