Suika Game

About Suika Game

Welcome to the exciting world of fruit combinations! In this Suika Game, your goal is to drop fruits into containers and merge them to create bigger fruits. Each fruit has a certain size. When two or more identical fruits are close together, they will merge and form a larger fruit. The game ends if the fruit overflows from the box. To prevent this, you must plan and stack the fruits carefully to create enough space for the incoming fruits. Remember that creating combos and merging multiple fruits at once can help free up space and prevent playing the game for too long. Watermelon game has no set time limit. This means you can take your time planning your moves and focus on creating combos. Take advantage of this freedom to strategize and aim for high scores.
Embark on a fruit grafting journey, strategize your moves and challenge yourself to combine fruits into new and exciting varieties. Can you navigate the growing fruit combinations and reach the big watermelon? Enjoy the merge adventure!


Use "Mouse" and "Left-Click" to interact.

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