Vega Mix: Fairy town

About Vega Mix: Fairy town

Vega Mix Fairy Town is to combine gems to create magic and complete puzzles in a certain number of moves to earn stars. Your task is to match gems by swapping the gems. adjacent rock. To do this, click on the gem you want to move and then click on the neighboring gem you want to swap it with. You need to strategize and make effective moves to achieve your goal in certain number of moves.


It's possible that you can unlock special abilities or skills as you progress through the game. These abilities can enhance your gameplay and provide additional advantages:

- Gem Shuffle: This ability allows you to shuffle the positions of the gems on the puzzle board, providing an opportunity to create new matches and strategic moves.
- Magic Blast: With this skill, you can activate a powerful magic blast that clears a significant portion of the puzzle board, removing obstacles or creating new opportunities for matching gems.
- Time Extension: This ability grants you extra time to complete a puzzle, giving you more flexibility and reducing the pressure of time constraints.
- Gem Destroyer: By unlocking this skill, you gain the ability to remove specific types of gems from the puzzle board, allowing for more focused and efficient matches.
- Bonus Multiplier: This skill increases the points or rewards you earn for successful matches, helping you achieve higher scores and better rewards.
- Hint or Guide: Some games offer the option to unlock a hint or guide system that provides suggestions or solutions for challenging puzzles. This can be useful when you're stuck and need a nudge in the right direction.


Press with the left mouse button.

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