Forest Match 2

About Forest Match 2

Forest Match 2 is an exceptional Match 3 game that has garnered widespread popularity among players.
The goal of the game is to complete the levels by lining up three or more fruits of the same color in horizontal or vertical rows. To match the fruits, you need to choose one fruit and swap it with another fruit next to it. side to create a chain of at least three fruits of the same color. When you create a chain, the fruits in the chain will disappear and you will receive points.
Each level will have specific goals that you need to complete. This can include collecting a specific number of fruits, clearing a special fruit slot, or achieving a certain score. Read the level objectives carefully before starting to know exactly what you need to do.During the game, you will encounter special effects and extras that will help you complete the level more quickly and efficiently. For example, bombs can destroy fruits around them, and colored panels can remove all fruits of the same color on the board. Use these effects strategically to tackle difficult levels.
You can find coin chests. Open them to receive coins and valuable rewards. The saga map will guide you through the levels and provide surprises and fun on your journey.
With over 3000 levels to explore, Forest Match 2 offers loads of game content. Each level presents a Match 3 puzzle in which players match fruits to progress.


Mouse: Click on the cards to flip them over.
Mobile: Tap on the cards to flip them over.

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