Fish Story

About Fish Story

Welcome to Fish Story 3! Get ready to embark on an exciting underwater adventure filled with Match 3 puzzles and captivating gameplay. Let me guide you through the basics of playing Fish Story 3:
Your goal is to solve Match 3 puzzles by swapping adjacent tiles to create lines of three or more identical symbols. By doing so, you clear the tiles and progress through the levels.
Match 3 Gameplay: To make a match, simply swap the positions of two adjacent symbols by tapping on them. Aim to create matches of three or more symbols in a horizontal or vertical line. Matching more than three symbols will create special tiles with enhanced abilities.
Take on the Daily Missions to earn additional rewards. These missions provide you with specific tasks to complete within a given time frame. By successfully accomplishing the missions, you can earn extra coins, power-ups, or other bonuses.
Let the mermaid host guide you through the vast number of levels and unlock treasures along the way. Enjoy the adventure and have fun!

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