Snow Rider 3D

About Snow Rider 3D

Let's explore the colors on the snowy mountain top with Snow Rider 3D. This is a skiing game with beautiful, colorful 3D graphics with rugged mountain landscapes, dense snow forests and cold ice fields, incredibly amazing! To start playing, choose your snowmobile and get ready for this exciting adventure.
Game mode:
- Free play mode: You can freely explore the open skiing environment and perform amazing tricks without time limits or opponents.
- Race against time mode: You have to face the time challenge and complete the level within the allotted time. Try to make the best use of your time to get high scores.
- Competitive racing mode: Participate in fierce competition,
With virtual opponents, overcoming is not easy. Move forward, don't falter, reach the finish line first, glorious glory, victory belongs only to you.

This is an exciting game that offers endless fun and challenges. Invite your friends to join now!


Use up key to accelerate.
Down key to decelerate or brake.
Left/right keys to control the vehicle's direction of movement.

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