Wild West Match

About Wild West Match

Wild West Match is a puzzle game .Players accompany the character Bonnie on an adventure through iconic landscapes, facing challenges and uncovering secrets along the way. Players are tasked with completing each level by matching gems without running out of moves.
To play the game, you'll use your mouse to line up three or more of the same items on the board and clear them. Matching gems will earn you points, and your score determines the number of stars you earn on each level. Collecting stars allows you to unlock treasure chests along the way, adding an extra incentive to perform well.
If you complete the level objective without using up all of your moves, any remaining moves will be converted into points. However, if you run out of moves before completing the objective, you'll lose a life. Starting with five lives, it's important to be strategic and make the most of your moves to progress through the levels.


Use your mouse.

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